CLAYM: a medical center offering an organic remedy for cancer

ClayM reconciles its modern medicine and alternative medicine or traditional medical improvements to ensure effective support for both patients. The medical center has a team of experienced physicians, biologists, radiologists, emergency physicians, nurses and treatment specialists in the natural therapy team.

Our real goal is to persuade people to give up the damage to their own body, enjoy the virtues of nature, active treatment. But we have to make sure they take care. Why we decided to combine the two business practices, the result is more than the future. At present, we are actually able to provide an effective treatment for many diseases from the simplest to the most subtle, if we only lift the tumor pathology, either benign or malignant.

Sweet medicine, applied as an adjunctive therapy in ClayM, is the result of appropriate clinical studies. Therefore, the products used are processed, measured and tested. Each central patient has a specific diagnosis to develop a complete care. Team ClayM has achieved rigorous checks, including in other laboratory tests, scanners, B-ultrasound or X-ray photography.

With its multifunctional and multidisciplinary team ClayM offers alternative treatment in tumor pathology and other diseases such as osteoarthritis, obesity and overweight, secondary infertility, stroke sequelae, etc.

Today ClayM has two medical centers in Antananarivo. But the center also worked with the capital and Madagascar tourist city hotel venues to develop a medium-term first "medical tourism on the Big Island". In fact, through these different partnerships, Claym shows that as a pioneer in this industry, we can be well integrated with entertainment business. Visitors can enjoy the ideal holiday in Madagascar while using their own health.