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The term tumor is not automatically associated with cancer. The tumor is the first mass, tissue overgrowth, often Benin.

They can be:

Cancerous polyps
Lipoma (by adipose tissue);
Fibroids (endure tumor).


Also known as tumor in the case of goiter or swelling due to inflammation

However, as part of cancer, tumors (or neoplasia) are abnormal cells that will eventually end up gaining autonomy for overgrowth. If they are not normal, it is because they are more suitable for the purpose of controlling and preventing the spread of the message.

Tumor type :

  • Benign tumor
  • Malignant neoplasms.

Symptom :

Tumor palpable (may feel small) or visible rays. They are not always easy to be found because they do not necessarily cause pain or obvious symptoms of cancer.

Through the pros and cons, cancer can be diagnosed in several ways:

Through the secretion of substances or hormones given abnormal results;
Through hemiplegia such as (brain tumor);
General condition deteriorated;
Weight loss;
Signs of inflammation;

Treatment :

There are several types of treatments for cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.
• Surgery and radiotherapy are topical treatments such as systemic chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Targeted therapeutic targets for specific target tumor cells.
• The order of selection and processing (when there are several) that is suitable for everyone.
• The limitations of these traditional methods, there are alternative treatments that can be complementary and / or replaceable