CLAYM Medical Center

At the arrival of Antananarivo airport:
• through customs access.
• Form and visa
At the exit, you will be expected by the doctor and your private driver, assistant (E).
• Departure to Antananarivo clinic for those who care for the residents / upscale hotels for those who enjoy the seaside medical tour / hotel Ampefy for those who enjoy the island and organic food biodiversity: according to your reservation.

• welcome and for you in the hotel room
• Transfer to outpatient and expert consultation.
• Consult with natural remedies.


Medical and adjuvant therapy

  • Treatment begins on the second day after arrival.
  • The treatment continued for 3 hours in the outpatient service.
  • First you will enjoy accommodation for 9 nights 10 days in Madagascar's capital, you have the opportunity to visit the Antananarivo environment and explore the best attractions of the capital environment while keeping your stay in Tana and accept your daily care.
  • For beach trips, bird watching and biodiversity fans; the rest of your treatment will be organized between you and your travel agency. It will advise you the best travel that will let you forget your illness and receive treatment.


• Your co-pilot escorts you to your hotel.
• Every day, you will enjoy the organic food of your choice
• In the recovery period single or double rooms with care.

Set off
• Delivery of medical documents
• Interview with specialists and natural remedies
• Departure to the airport
• treat with courtesy

After treatment
• Regular maintenance with the phone, our experts
• Request periodic review
• Healing after anti-treatment prescription recurrence