CLAYM Medical Center

Madagascar is a historic destination for the treatment of cancer, a mixture of biodiversity, coastal and current medical tourism. A good chance of receiving treatment less aggressive and no side effects on any of your healthy cells, your hair, your general condition and your organization. Experts and general practitioners, and full-time nathuropathes to ensure patient safety and treatment success. Madagascar Island Biodiversity in plants or microbes is located in the Indian Ocean, 400 kilometers east of the African coast. Separated by the Mozambic Strait. There are about 1.2 million years ago.

Madagascar is away from the mass travel also retains the destination with the beauty of nature and authenticity. Madagascar's some endemic plants are used in traditional medicine or modern Chinese medicine if we only say that Madagascar Changchun "vonenina" oleander family, its anti-cancer material extraction. Sun, beach, alternative biological care cancer treatment, there is further treatment, harmful to the human body. The Claym Medical Center also provides that patients with complementary therapies have also been received (at the same time, the treatment of cancer and the reduction of conventional treatment for all of these treatments is intended to eliminate the adverse treatment of cancer cells) for neoplastic diseases , Regardless of its benign or malignant tumor.

Madagascar is famous for its natural wealth. The oldest healing technology passed down from generation to generation is based on the use of the country's incredible natural resources. Many researchers have tried to carry out various studies to improve. Our scientists also decided to carry out their work and focus more on the study of natural resources that could overcome the development of cancer, including some cancer. They have developed our effective treatment in recent years, our patients benefit.

Patient safety and treatment success is the heart of our concern. Why we have an experienced multidisciplinary team. It is by the experienced doctor to take care of a coherent diagnosis and the nature of the disease regardless. They use powerful tools such as CT, X-ray, Ultrasound and Blood tests. We also rely on our natural healing team, specially trained to practice the natural therapies developed by our researchers. The two sides cooperate to determine the suitability for each profile. We also hire care-givers experts to provide guidance and treatment for the entire patient.